Diagnostic Services

Equine X-rays at Bakersfield Veterinary HospitalDigital Radiology and Ultrasound

Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital considers the use of advanced imaging technology a critical tool in modern diagnostic procedures. Such technology provides a non-invasive way to observe your animal's internal physiology so that we can make a more thorough and accurate diagnosis. Both ultrasound and digital radiology are excellent tools that aid in the diagnosis of equine and large animal feet and leg problems. The imaging process is painless and can be performed on calm and cooperative animals without sedation. (Please note that some cases may require sedation for the interest of both the animal and attending staff.)

Laboratory Testing

There are many times when a thorough physical examination is not enough to determing the root cause of an illness. In these cases, laboratory tests prove useful as a diagnostic tool. Our on-site laboratory is well-equipped with cutting edge technologies that provide reliable, prompt results.

Some of the diagnostic tests and procedures that we can provide in-house are:

  • Complete Blood Count CBC, FIB, HG (Abaxis HM5)
  • Blood Chemistry Analysis (VetScan VS2)
  • Direct Fecal and Occult Fecal Exam
  • Aspirate Cytology of Masses and Tumors
  • Culture and Cytology

We also use a variety of outside laboratories for specialty testing when necessary.