Health Maintenance Services

At Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital, we know your animals are an investment in time, energy, and money. This is why we offer professional support to maximize the health, well-being, and longevity of your animals. To best support your goals, our veterinarians are experienced in the most modern practices. Highly skilled in all areas of Equine and Large Animal veterinary services, our veterinary team works with you to create a veterinary care plan tailored to your business and personal needs.

Bakersfield Large Animal CareConvenience and Service Both On Your Farm and at Our Hospital

Our Bakersfield large animal veterinarians realize that you are not always able to bring your horse or animal to the clinic for needed examinations or treatment, thus we offer many of the same clinical services at your farm for your convenience. Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital maintains several fully-stocked ambulatory trucks so we can perform examinations, vaccinations, and minor surgical procedures on your farm.

Nonetheless, there are some cases and conditions that really should be treated at our large animal hospital in Bakersfield in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your animal. We also offer a trailer service if you are unable to bring your animal to the hospital for an examination or treatment.

As an added convenience to you, we maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals and supplements, bandage materials, and general medical supplies. If you seek a specialty medical item that we do not carry, please ask a member of our staff as we may be able to obtain it for you. Please be advised that some medications require a current veterinarian-patient relationship at our hospital.

Parasite Control

We recommend consulting with our veterinarians to develop a specific parasite program for each individual animal based on risk factors and fecal egg count results.

Because of their close grazing behavior and slow-to-develop immunity, sheep and goats are very susceptible to worms. We recommend the sparing use of anti-parasitic drugs, called anthelmintics, to control internal parasites, as well as periodic fecal examinations to determine when and what product is best suited for de-worming.

In sheep, goats, and cattle outbreaks of coccidiosis are common and can be controlled through good sanitation, clean water, not feeding on the ground, and not overstocking pens and pastures.


Nutrition is one of the keys to healthy horses and livestock. Well-fed animals are more resistant to diseases and parasites. Our Bakersfield veterinary team can recommend balanced feeding programs specially tailored to your animals' needs.

Dentistry for Bakersfield HorsesEquine Dental Care

Routine dental care is essential to your horse's health. Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital performs a range of dental services on equines, which includes teeth floating (manual and power), extractions, and balance work on incisors and molars. Not only will these services prevent painful and uncomfortable tooth and oral conditions from developing, but they are important in ensuring your horse is able to properly chew and digest his or her food. Periodic examinations and regular maintenance are especially necessary today for a number of reasons:

  • We have modified the horse's diet and eating patterns through domestication and confinement.
  • We demand more from our performance horses, beginning at a younger age, than ever before.
  • We often select breeding animals without regard to dental considerations.

We offer free dental examinations and only charge if a dental procedure is performed. We have stocks to enable thorough examination and more precise corrective procedures using both motorized and hand instruments.

Please be aware of lay dentists who work on horses' teeth, but are not licensed veterinarians themselves. In California, it is illegal for non-veterinarians to perform equine dental procedures. In states that do permit trained dental technicians to work on horses, such individuals must work alongside a licensed veterinarian. If lay dentists are legal where you live, and you choose to use one, make sure he or she works directly with a veterinarian who can sedate your horse and perform invasive procedures as tooth extractions.


Microchipping offers you both comfort and peace of mind. It is a method of permanent identification for your animals, which becomes very important if they escape from your property or if you need to suddenly evacuate due to a natural disaster. With this tracking device, your animal can be found no matter what the circumstances.

Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital can also provide freeze branding as another method of permanent identification.

Pre-Purchase Examinations for Horses

Owning a horse can be a big investment in time, money, and emotion. Unfortunately, horses seldom come with money-back guarantees. Whether it is a rescue or an investment, learning as much as possible about your potential new equine partner is imperative. Although the decision to buy is yours alone, we strive to be a valuable partner in the process by providing you with objective, health-related information.

A pre-purchase examination is a comprehensive examination designed to gather information about your potential purchase. Even if you should decide not to buy, consider the exam as money well spent. Your investment in a pre-purchase examination can save you headaches, heartaches, and dollars, and provide a perfect opportunity to find the right horse — one that is healthy and can meet your needs and expectations.

Horse ExaminationsThis examination includes:

  • General Physical Assessment (including GI, cardiac, and respiratory)
  • Integumentary (skin)
  • Ophthalmic (eyes)
  • External Genitalia
  • Lameness Evaluation and Soundness
  • Neuralgic
  • Dental and Mouth
  • Discussion of Conformation

Additional optional services not included in the pre-purchase examination fee:

  • Vaccinations
  • Optional Drug Testing
  • Serum Chemistry, Blood Panels, EIA (Coggins) Testing
  • Digital Radiographs

We recommend horses have up-to-date foot care but avoid farrier trimming and shod during the two weeks preceding the examination.

Cancer and Oncology

Although we are seeing more cases in horses and large animals, cancer is still a rare occurrence in these animals. Depending on the type of cancer, we offer several procedures and treatment options. Chemotherapy treatment for certain types of cancer may be the most effective treatment while other types of cancers may require surgery. Treatment is also helpful in preventing the recurrence of cancer, as well as for benign tumors such as equine sarcoids.

Interstate and International Health Certificates

Our veterinarians are accredited and familiar with both interstate and international health requirements for the shipment of animals and the specific requirements for traveling to or through any state or foreign country.

If you are planning on traveling with your horses or other livestock, contact our office for travel requirements and to schedule an appointment. We recommend that you plan ahead to allow for required testing such as a Coggins test for horses and other livestock testing requirements.