Breeding Services

Bakersfield Broodmare Program

Broodmare programBreeding horses is one of the most interesting and compelling enterprises a horse owner can undertake. Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital offers guidance on breeding and maintaining the health of mares during pregnancy and delivery and the health and care of newborn foals. Our comprehensive services include reproductive ultrasounds during important stages of pregnancy as well as artificial insemination to ensure the best chance of conception.

Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital Equine Broodmare Program and services include:

  • Unlimited palpations and vaginal exams
  • All laboratory fees for motility and semen analysis
  • All artificial inseminations
  • Unlimited ultrasound for follicle checks
  • 15–17 day ultrasound for pregnancy if the mare is at or transported to our facility
  • All communication and coordination with breeding farm for ordering chilled or frozen transported semen
  • Late night or early morning examinations, breeding and flushes which are sometimes needed to insure optimal fertility with frozen semen

Some services which are not included in the Equine Broodmare Program and will be billed seperately include:

  • Daily board
  • Delivery, pickup, and return of semen containers
  • Uterine infusions and flushes
  • Medications used in uterine therapy/lavage and hormones to assist ovulation
  • Long term nitrogen tank storage for frozen semen available at a yearly rate
  • Semen collection, AV use, and clean up

Large Animal Breeding Program

Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital can provide a custom breeding program to fit your particular large animal and farm operation. Our veterinarians aim to help you increase the productivity and profitability of your farm flocks. Our hospital is stocked with all the essential breeding equipment, medications, and vaccines. If we do not have a particular specialty item, in most cases we can special order and have it the next day.

Nature has provided an efficient system for animals to deliver and care for their young. Be a prepared and informed owner so you can enjoy the miracle of birth, keep your anxiety in check, and ensure a successful breeding season.