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Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1923, and is considered to be one of the most established animal hospitals in Kern County.  The "original" 1923 horse, shown below, proudly represents the 86 years of service that we have provided to our clients and their animal companions.  Our overall success and longevity has been achieved by continuously providing care for our patients through compassionate and genuine service.  Our goal is to treat, cure, and maintain the health of your pets- with sincerity and compassion.

Over the years, our hospital has been home to some of the greatest Veterinarians, recognized throughout the San Joaquin Valley.   In addition to our Equine, Feline and Canine services, we are also well known in the community for our abilities to provide Avian and Exotic animal care.  Our Veterinarians work hard to continue their educational efforts in a variety of different fields, so that they are able to adapt to the ever changing needs of our patients with ease.  We never limit our professional scope of learning, and we challenge ourselves to teach our clients the best of what we know.

Unique to our establishment, are the relationships we have developed with  C.A.L.M. (California Living Museum), the S.P.C.A.  (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and F.A.C.T.  (Facility for Animal Care and Treatment).  Our doctors work closely with these local organizations to ensure that our services help give back to our surrounding animal community.  We help with county spay and neuter procedures to promote healthy animal population control, and we treat specialty cases for wild animals that need a helping hand.

Part of what makes Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital so great, is that we have a huge following of loyal clients that have become like family to us over the years.  Thanks to our client family, and our new patient additions,  we are able to expand our business and our services.  On May 23rd 2008, we combined both of our small animal locations from Chester Avenue and Wible Road and opened our new 13,000+ square foot hospital on Harris Road.  The large animal hospital remains on Wible Road.  We have expanded our small animal hours, by providing 24-hour emergency care, with doctors on site during all hours.  The spacious lobby areas, large dog runs/play areas, pleasant surgical/exam rooms, and luxury boarding suites are just some of the upgrades available at our new location!